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My Medical Choice: Your Guardian in Medical Emergencies

Championing Medical Autonomy

Sarah's story

In the bustling streets of London, a car accident involved Sarah M, a 35-year-old journalist. Unconscious and unable to communicate her medical preferences, paramedics rushed her to the nearest hospital. Thanks to her My Medical Choice membership, the medical team was instantly aware of her specific medical directives. This quick access to her medical history and preferences potentially saved her life. This is the power of My Medical Choice; it aims to always respect your medical directives, especially when you can’t speak for yourself.

Sarah’s accident was a wake-up call for many. Without her My Medical Choice membership, the medical team might have administered treatments that Sarah was against due to personal or religious reasons. Her story is a stark reminder of the importance of being prepared.

My Medical Choice: Ensure Your Directives are Respected:

My Medical Choice offers a unique service that aims to ensure your medical directives are respected during emergencies.

  • The platform provides a secure online account where users can save their medical history for emergency services to access.
  • Members can download an Advance Decision Notice (living will) to specify treatments they don’t want.
  • Medical ID cards and jewellery tags are available for members, alerting first responders to the presence of an Advance Decision Notice.
  • The My Medical Choice Blog offers valuable insights on topics like bloodless surgery, medical autonomy, and informed consent.

Imagine being in a situation where you’re unable to communicate your medical preferences. It’s a daunting thought, but with My Medical Choice, you can have peace of mind knowing that even at your most vulnerable, your medical directives will be respected.

Why Choose My Medical Choice?

My Medical Choice is not just a service; it’s a commitment to enabling an individual’s right to have their medical choices respected and adhered to.

  1. Secure Online Account

Upon subscription, members are provided with a secure online account. Here, they can add their medical history, ensuring that emergency services have access to crucial information when needed.

  1. Informing Loved Ones

The platform allows members to add their ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts or Attorney details. This aims to ensure that in the event of an emergency, your loved ones are promptly notified.

Once a first responder inputs your login code (found on your medical ID card, or jewellery), the My Medical Choice system automatically sends out a text alert to your 2 chosen ICE contacts.

  1. Avoiding Unwanted Medical Procedures

With the Advance Decision Notice (living will) template provided by My Medical Choice, members can specify healthcare treatments or procedures they wish to avoid. This document is legally binding, ensuring respect for your wishes.

How Do First Responders Know About Your Living Will?

ADN Living Will

It’s simple. Members can order jewellery tags and medical ID cards that bear emergency access login data and a warning about the presence of an Advance Decision Notice. First responders and hospital staff undergo training to look for these identifiers. Upon accessing your account, they can view your essential medical history and download your Advance Decision Notice. This action triggers an automated SMS that alerts your ICE contacts.

Steve’s Story

Steve Sapseid, 63, from Chichester, was admitted to hospital with severe migraine and hypoxia – a lack of oxygen in the tissues. Staff took away his hearing aids, glasses and mobile phone and when he asked for them back, nurses claimed they could not find them. He was therefore unable to speak to his wife Jenny.

‘Jenny was incredibly worried about me, but they would not give her any information. When she rang, they’d say things like “You need to prepare yourself. He won’t be coming home”.’

The reporter, Sally Beck, interviewed Steve and his family. You can find the full article on: Conservative Woman

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My Medical Choice System a Glance

Table of facts

The Importance of Signing Up


In today’s complex medical landscape, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. My Medical Choice offers a beacon of clarity. By signing up:

  • Your medical directives are respected.
  • You provide peace of mind to your loved ones.

You take control of your healthcare decisions.

Empowerment Through Knowledge: Insights from the Blog


Cell Salvage Machines: A Revolution in Surgery

Cell Salvage My Medical Choice

A Cell salvage machine actively collects and processes a patient’s own blood during surgery, thereby reducing the need for transfusions.

Experts like Dr Lidiya Angelova, emphasise the importance of medical autonomy. Patients should always be at the heart of their healthcare decisions, and My Medical Choice system aims to achieve this.

Ensuring respect for your medical directives.


My Medical Choice is a movement towards patient empowerment. In a world where medical errors are a reality, this service stands as a guardian of your healthcare wishes. My Medical Choice is a testament to the importance of informed healthcare decisions.

Let My Medical Choice be your voice through its main features or the invaluable insights from the blog,

Don’t leave your health to chance.

Our new Advance Decision Notice gives members even more protection

Informed Consent Within UK Healthcare System

My Medical Choice is not here to judge your decision, it is about empowering people to have control over their own healthcare.

My Medical Choice is all about your Medical Autonomy in healthcare and making sure the emergency team treating you follows your specific wishes. When used correctly, it is a powerful system that can notify medical teams about allergies, procedures etc., right down to more personalised decisions such as people concerned about mRNA in blood, and/or, wanting a solution to vaccinated blood (as listed in the examples in some articles).

Just a friendly reminder that no information in this publication constitutes legal or medical advice from My Medical Choice or any of our affiliates and the contents of this document are for educational and support purposes only.