Vaccines: Coercion is not informed consent freely given!

Dr Buckland, speaking on UK Column recently, explains that it’s possible no Covid vaccinations were administered legally. Even those who willingly lined up to have the ‘jab’ cannot be said to have consented, as they were not made fully aware of the consequences of taking the vaccine – neither in the short term (as the consequences were usually played down as being limited to “a bit of a sore arm for a couple of days”, and/or other minor symptoms, such as fevers and aches and pains) – or the mid-long term, since these consequences were not known.

This lack of informed choice is why My Medical Choice was created. Informed choice is our legal and human right, so it’s time we started insisting on that right before we agree to take any drug, medical treatment, or surgical procedure again.

And in the case of medical emergencies where we cannot consent – whilst unconscious, for example – the My Medical Choice Advance Decision Notice is essential in letting our healthcare wishes be known to those involved in our treatment and care. 

Watch the Twitter clip of Dr Christian Buckland explaining how people have been denied their right to fully informed consent for Covid vaccinations…


My Medical Choice is all about your Medical Autonomy in healthcare and making sure the emergency team treating you follows your specific wishes. When used correctly, it is a powerful system that can notify medical teams about allergies, procedures etc., right down to more personalised decisions such as people concerned about mRNA in blood, and/or, wanting a solution to vaccinated blood (as listed in the examples in some articles).

My Medical Choice is not here to judge your decision, it is about empowering people to have control over their own healthcare.


Just a friendly reminder that no information in this publication constitutes legal or medical advice from My Medical Choice or any of our affiliates and the contents of this document are for educational and support purposes only.