Don’t just survive – choose to thrive with the PHA Health Programme!

The People’s Health Alliance (PHA) team have put together an all-encompassing simple step-by-step guide to help empower you for better health, leading to a better daily life and a better you.

The aim is to instil hope and empower those who want to use this carefully constructed programme. It draws on experience and provides techniques which come from a place of integrity. Certain members of the team have worked in the field of health and well-being for many years and are qualified health consultants providing information from various modalities. This should provide assurance that the PHA programme has been created directly from knowledge and experience.

So why not try it today and benefit physically, mentally and emotionally from the PHA health optimisation programme?


How to Use this Programme

To fully thrive at all levels; physically, emotionally and mentally, it is important that we look at those parts of our lives that are out of balance and work to rebalance them.

For most of us, this starts with what might seem to be simple changes, but those changes can make a huge difference, not only to our health, but also to an understanding of what supports our health, and importantly, restores a feeling of being in control.

The PHA team understands that not all changes are easy to implement and some can even seem daunting. However, they believe that by making information accessible people can decide which activities are appropriate to their needs. Where you start will depend upon where you are in your health journey.

Choose health – find out more here:

My Medical Choice is all about your Medical Autonomy in healthcare and making sure the emergency team treating you follows your specific wishes. When used correctly, it is a powerful system that can notify medical teams about allergies, procedures etc., right down to more personalised decisions such as people concerned about mRNA in blood, and/or, wanting a solution to vaccinated blood (as listed in the examples in some articles).

My Medical Choice is not here to judge your decision, it is about empowering people to have control over their own healthcare.

Just a friendly reminder that no information in this publication constitutes legal or medical advice from My Medical Choice or any of our affiliates and the contents of this document are for educational and support purposes only.