My Medical Choice sponsors natural birth service, When Push Comes to Shove

My Medical Choice is sponsoring quite possibly one of the most well-known – and certainly most highly respected – natural birth practitioners in the UK, Nickita Starck of When Push Comes to Shove.

Unfortunately, My Medical Choice is unable to provide our members with services specifically for pregnancy and birth-related issues, as that is beyond our remit. However, we believe in medical choice, meaning we are keen to provide members with options for safe alternatives to standard NHS pregnancy and birth plans.

This is why we refer members to the world-renowned natural birth advocate Nickita Starck of When Push Comes to Shove. Our aim is to work with Nickita to raise awareness of the advantages of natural birth amongst our members and to help fund birth programs for women in difficult financial circumstances.

Pregnancy and Natural Birth Services

Push to comes to shove

When Push Comes to Shove

When Push Comes To Shove is the leading alternative maternity structure in the world, offering gold-standard holistic maternity care on a one-to-one level, essential pregnancy and birth education, and certified training programs for natural birth practitioners.

We specialise in human rights and advocacy, ensuring that you have complete control over your childbirth choices and we work closely with The Autonomy Hotline. 

The Role of a Birthing Doula in UK Healthcare

In the realm of childbirth and maternity care, the term “doula” has gained significant traction in recent years. But what exactly is a birthing doula, and why are they becoming an integral part of the childbirth experience for many in the UK?

Key Takeaways:

  • Birthing Doula Defined: A non-medical companion offering support during childbirth.
  • Benefits: Emotional, physical, and informational support leading to positive birth outcomes.
  • Growing Popularity in the UK: A shift towards holistic and personalised birth experiences.
  • Relevant Resources: When Push Comes To Shove, a leading alternative maternity structure in the UK.

Defining a Birthing Doula

A birthing doula is a trained professional who offers continuous emotional, physical, and informational support to mothers before, during, and shortly after childbirth. Unlike midwives or obstetricians, doulas do not provide medical care. Instead, their role is to be a supportive companion, ensuring the mother feels safe, informed, and empowered throughout her birthing journey.

Why Do People Need a Doula?

Emotional Support

Childbirth can be an emotionally intense experience. Doulas offer a reassuring presence, providing comfort, encouragement, and understanding throughout the process.

Physical Comfort

Doulas are trained in various comfort measures, such as massage, counter pressure, and positioning, which can help alleviate the discomforts of labour.

Informational Support

Doulas can provide evidence-based information on various aspects of childbirth, helping mothers make informed decisions and ensuring they understand the processes and choices available to them.


In the bustling environment of a hospital, a doula can help ensure the mother’s wishes and birth plan are respected, acting as an advocate for her needs and preferences.

The Rise of Doulas in the UK

With a growing emphasis on holistic and personalised birth experiences, the role of doulas in the UK has seen a surge in popularity. More families are seeking the continuous support that doulas provide, recognising the positive impact it can have on birth outcomes and maternal well-being.

Benefits Highlighted in Research

Benefit Description
Reduced Labour Duration The presence of a doula can lead to shorter labours.
Decreased Need for Interventions Lower rates of medical interventions, such as C-sections.
Enhanced Mother-Baby Bonding A supportive environment promotes early bonding.
Increased Breastfeeding Success Doulas can offer postpartum support, including breastfeeding guidance.


Example: Lucy’s Transformative Birth Experience in the UK

Lucy, a first-time mother in London, was anxious about her upcoming childbirth. She’d heard varied stories, some positive and others filled with interventions she hoped to avoid. After attending a workshop at When Push Comes To Shove, she decided to hire a doula. With her doula’s continuous support, Lucy felt empowered to voice her preferences, leading to a positive and transformative birth experience. Her story underscores the invaluable role of doulas in the UK’s healthcare landscape.

In Conclusion

The role of a birthing doula extends beyond mere support during labour. They offer a holistic approach to childbirth, ensuring mothers feel empowered, informed, and supported every step of the way. As their popularity continues to grow in the UK, it’s evident that doulas are set to become an even more integral part of the childbirth experience for many.

My Medical Choice is all about your Medical Autonomy in healthcare and making sure the emergency team treating you follows your specific wishes. When used correctly, it is a powerful system that can notify medical teams about allergies, procedures etc., right down to more personalised decisions such as people concerned about mRNA in blood, and/or, wanting a solution to vaccinated blood (as listed in the examples in some articles).

My Medical Choice is not here to judge your decision, it is about empowering people to have control over their own healthcare.

Just a friendly reminder that no information in this publication constitutes legal or medical advice from My Medical Choice or any of our affiliates and the contents of this document are for educational and support purposes only.