Peoples Health Alliance

New health services now available for My Medical Choice members! The People’s Health Alliance

My Medical Choice is pleased to announce we’re now partnered with The People’s Health Alliance in order to help build a range of accessible services that truly focus on the health and well-being of our members.

A Parallel Health Initiative

Peoples Health Alliance

The People’s Health Alliance (PHA)

The People’s Health Alliance (PHA) is a people-led initiative to create compassionate community health hubs providing a fully integrative approach to health. Their role is to facilitate the creation of health hubs at the community level and provide educational resources for people to understand how to take back power of their own health journey. This is made possible through partnerships and collaborations with other organisations aligned with our vision. We are delighted to be working with PHA and their network of like-minded practitioners.

We are working with the PHA to raise awareness of their already substantial national directory of practitioners and to encourage our members to join their local hub or indeed create one in their community.  This is a decentralised approach to healthcare which encourages communities to come together whilst supporting the elderly and vulnerable amongst them. Through PHA, we can provide our members with access to the widest range of both allopathic and holistic practitioners in the UK.


My Medical Choice is all about your Medical Autonomy in healthcare and making sure the emergency team treating you follows your specific wishes. When used correctly, it is a powerful system that can notify medical teams about allergies, procedures etc., right down to more personalised decisions such as people concerned about mRNA in blood, and/or, wanting a solution to vaccinated blood (as listed in the examples in some articles).

My Medical Choice is not here to judge your decision, it is about empowering people to have control over their own healthcare.

Just a friendly reminder that no information in this publication constitutes legal or medical advice from My Medical Choice or any of our affiliates and the contents of this document are for educational and support purposes only.